You CAN make a difference – starting from where you’re at now!

So why isn’t anyone else telling you this?

Today’s self-development books would lead you to believe that you must quit your job (without a safety net) and follow your dream with massive passion and action. That you can manifest the success you deserve by simply focusing mentally on it. That you can be enormously successful working only 4 hours a week. That you can travel the world AND make passive income while you sleep. Stories like these sound amazing, don’t they? Almost too good to be true.

Bullshit flagThat’s why I’m throwing down the bullshit flag.

It’s time to get real. Most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to walk into our boss’ office and declare, “I quit!” Not in this economy, with uncertainty all around us. We have bills to pay. Children to care for. Spouses who don’t like the idea of us taking a blind, flying leap into the unknown to follow some vague whim. If you have a family whom you love, you know what I’m talking about.

Let’s face it: Much of the advice that’s being touted as things you must do to fulfill yourself is NOT practical for the majority of us.

What’s needed is a set of strategies that you can employ – starting where you are now – to improve your job security and employability. Ideas that get the attention of your boss and senior management. Ideas that make you stand out in all the right ways. Strategies that arm you with the mindset and skills you need to revitalize and advance your career, one eminently do-able step at a time.

That’s why I wrote Up Your Impact: 52 Powerful Ideas to Get Noticed, Get Promoted & Become Indispensable at Work. I’m tired of seeing families and friends struggle as the global economy continues to sputter. I’m tired of seeing people I know and love being victimized by downsizings and foreclosures and other problems that are decimating their careers and shattering their families.

As I thought about all this pain and suffering around me, I realized that we don’t have to be victims. But too often we inadvertently choose to, because we don’t know what else to do. We get immobilized by fear and uncertainty. So I started brainstorming ways to add value to your work, based upon the lessons of my own career and the stories that have stuck with me about how to be successful. I never planned to write a book. But as I gathered and recorded more of these ideas, I realized that I had something special on my hands – a collection that needed to be shared with you.

So why isn’t anyone telling you about this? Because frankly, it isn’t as sexy as following your dream, living independently, giving The Man the middle finger. But the fact is that you can improve your mindset and your skills without quitting your current job. Doing so will:

  • Increase your odds of surviving more layoffs, because you’ll be more of an asset and less of a liability,
  • Position yourself for future promotions and opportunities in your company
  • Make yourself more employable by any company in your industry or profession.

Think of it as Job Insurance.

Up Your Impact - principles and strategiesWhat’s this book about?

In Up your Impact, I show you how to grow your influence in your job by differentiating yourself, being more creative, focusing on contribution rather than strictly on compensation – and help you to thrive, regardless of the current economic conditions.

Up your impact combines the best timeless principles of success with modern tools and strategies to help you survive and thrive in today’s global, fast-paced, and uncertain business climate.

And it’s all delivered in a simple, easily digestible framework that will enable you to increase your impact one step at a time – starting from where you are now.

“Even if you only implement only one idea from this book, it will more than pay for itself. If you implement all 52 ideas, this is literally a million dollar book.”
– Phil Gerbyshak
Author of 10 Ways to Make it Great
Relentless connector of people and ideas

Breakthrough strategies to generate greater success

Up Your ImpactIn Up Your Impact, you’ll learn:

  • How to skyrocket your value by becoming an “idea connector”
  • How to differentiate yourself and highlight your unique contributions – don’t even THINK about being average!
  • Tools and strategies for gathering and sharing information that will get the attention and respect of the senior management in your company
  • How to cultivate a simple first thing in the morning routine that will put you light years ahead of your peers
  • A lateral thinking technique that can help you to “see” potential problems and opportunities – long before anyone else on your team
  • The immense power of visual thinking
  • Why you ought to adopt mind mapping as your “secret weapon” – your thinking, planning and creativity edge
  • Why you need a portable tool to capture your ideas – and my über-tool of choice that has vastly accelerated my creativity
  • How to get incredibly good at selling your ideas to the skeptical senior management of your organization
  • The single question you must ask yourself each morning to stay focused on delivering ultimate value to the people you serve
  • Why you can’t lose by exceeding expectations in all arenas of your life
  • What you need to focus upon instead of comparing yourself to others
  • How to take your networking capabilities to the next level – which will expose you to exciting new ideas and opportunities
  • Why the opportunities to advance your career are greater today than ever

Up Your Impact helps you take action NOW to increase your impact and value in your work

“Up Your Impact provides the information AND the tactics that will help you ‘think right.’ Don’t just read this book, DO this book and you will see amazing results as you collaborate more effectively, think in different ways, and get more of the right things done.”
– Jason Womack
Advisor and Author, Your Best Just Got Better

What’s in Up Your Impact?

action items journal - Up Your ImpactStrategies: My new 170-page e-book presents 52 strategies for adding exceptional value to your employer and your customers or clients, presented in a clear, concise and actionable writing style.

No armchair theories here: These strategies are eminently practical, and will help you to “move the needle” in your work. The book also contains numerous stories that will inform and inspire you to make a difference in your work!

Action steps: Each strategy is followed by one or two action steps, to help you to implement it immediately. No theoretical mumbo-jumbo here – just strategies and insights you can use – now – to improve your work!

Resources: A comprehensive list of books, websites and tools that you can use to further your learning on how to add value to your work.

Unique. Creative. Effective: This book contains strategies you won’t read anywhere else, written in a clear, actionable, easily-digestible style. Each strategy is only 1-3 pages, so you can learn something new and apply it in as little as 5 minutes.

Easy to implement: I know you’re overwhelmed by the wealth of voices online, preaching principles for success, leadership, personal branding, meditation and so much more. It’s like taking a stroll through a bazaar in the Middle East, with all of the vendors shouting incomprehensible words at you, hawking their wares. Many people get immobilized by all of this content – they don’t know where to start or whose voice to believe.

That’s why I designed Up Your Impact in a quick-read, actionable format – so you can pick one or two strategies and get work immediately with them.

“This book represents everything that I have come to expect from Chuck over the many years that I have followed his work – truly practical strategies backed up by genuine expertise and extensive research. At a time when added value is fast becoming the difference between sinking and swimming for individuals and companies, Chuck has assembled an impressive collection of unique ideas and strategies that can help you to not only survive but thrive in today’s business arena.”
– Liam Hughes

If you want even more tools to help you differentiate yourself and leap ahead in your career, The Impact Accelerator Kit version of Up Your Impact contains these exciting bonuses:

Impact Accelerator Kit Bonus #1: A wealth of insights from trusted business experts

audio interviews - Up Your ImpactFor this launch package, I interviewed 5 business experts to learn what’s changing in business today, why it’s important to add value to your work – and their preferred strategies for doing so. Their insights were amazing! At the end of each interview, I found myself going, “Wow! That was phenomenal!” These people shared some incredible insights. I learned a lot from them, and I know you will, too.

Here’s who I interviewed:

  • Wally Bock, leadership expert and highly-respected blogger
  • Jason Womack, work productivity expert and author of Your Best Just Got Better
  • Roger von Oech, author of several best-selling creativity books and ideation tools
  • Phil Gerbyshack, social media and professional networking guru
  • Rajesh Setty, entrepreneur, author and relentless idea guy

You’ll also receive full transcripts of each interview.

While the book covers basic principles for improving your impact and asks you to focus on action items in your own life, the interviews go deeper. They show how others have profited from adopting similar strategies in their lives and careers – and they reflect upon the qualities they appreciate in their direct reports.

More interviews are on the way. I plan to conduct more interviews in the next several months; if you purchase the Up Your Impact launch package, you’ll get free access to them, too!

Impact Accelerator Kit Bonus #2: Visual tools to help you kick-start your action plan

Personal SWOT analysis - Up Your ImpactI’m also including several visual thinking tools in the launch package, to help you to develop a plan of action for differentiating yourself and maximizing your value:

  • A mind map of all 52 strategies – which you can print out and pin up in your office or cubicle to remind you of the core principles of adding value to your work.
  • A set of personal SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) planning templates in 4 popular mind mapping formats

“Want to make a difference in your life and work? Read Up Your Impact and take action on the practical yet creative strategies it teaches you. This book from Chuck Frey will inspire you to take action and achieve greater results. It’s like a shot of adrenaline for your career and aspirations.”
– Mitch Ditkoff
Cofounder and President, Idea Champions
Creativity book author and world’s #1 innovation blogger

Impact Accelerator Kit Bonus #3: A worksheet to help you get started

Up Your Impact action stepsThis worksheet gives you a convenient place to record any value-added strategy you plan to implement, plus your action steps for doing so. It’s designed to be flexible, so you can input the information you need to make it work for you.

This worksheet is designed so you can easily 3-hole punch it and carry it in your project binder or day planner. That way, you always know what you need to do next!

It’s another example of how Up Your Impact is designed to help you develop the ideas and actions you need to succeed in today’s topsy-turvy business world.

Bonus #4: How to create a career planning mind map

visual career planning template - Up Your ImpactCareer planning can benefit greatly from mind mapping, because it enables you to view multiple perspectives and possibilities in a compact, visual format. In this report, I show you how to create and use such a mind map – no matter what mind mapping software you choose to use. It will help you to consider and evaluate multiple future paths for your career, and will help you to better position yourself for new opportunities.

Impact Accelerator Kit Bonus #5: Networking – on steriods

In this special report, I’ll show you a visual method to organize your contacts, formulate your questions and capture all of the information that results from your conversations with members of your network. You’ll be able to see new patterns and connections like never before!

Order Up Your Impact now

Awesome feedback on Up Your Impact

I previewed the book and its bonus resources to some key people whose opinions I value. They have been universal in their praise for Up Your Impact:

“Up Your Impact is a must read for anyone who is starting a new job, reinventing their career, kick-starting an existing profession, or wants to make a greater impact. This workbook will help you take actionable steps towards a more prosperous and meaningful work life.”
– Stephen Shapiro
Author of Best Practices Are Stupid

“In Up Your Impact, Chuck has packaged 52 keen insights that will help you to innovate and accomplish more in your work. If you are committed to grow, you should start reading this book, NOW.
-Rajesh Setty
Entrepreneur & Business Alchemist

“Up Your Impact provides effective strategies for transforming your game in work and life! Each of the 52 strategies are filled with practical tips and action steps that will have a tremendous impact on how you create and deliver value in your world. This book is for anyone interested in cultivating their best and provides a great road map to help you pathfind the way.”
– Michael Deutch
Product Director at Mindjet

“Chuck Frey is a special blend. He knows how to stir up rich, memorable results with both right-brain thinking and left-brain action. Up Your Impact will encourage you, spark new ideas, point you to “best of” resources and tools, and will help you to envision and deliver big value in your work.”
-Kelli Schmith
Author of the DigDeepThinker Blog and founder, KarmicBoom

About the author

Chuck Frey is:

  • Chuck Frey - Up Your ImpactA trusted voice on the topics of innovation, creativity, visual thinking, leadership and personal development.
  • Founder and publisher of, which was  the world’s largest and most trusted website focused on innovation, creativity and brainstorming 2002-2012.
  • Founder and publisher of the Mind Mapping Software Blog, the leading blog focused on visual mapping tools.
  • Author of the Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software, the definitive guide to this type of visual thinking software.
  • Former contributing author of the Think & Grow Rich newsletter.

In short, Up Your Impact draws upon my unique intersection of experience and expertise to bring you a perspective that will help you to deliver superior results in your work and life – and generate greater value than you ever dreamed possible. In over two decades of writing on the topics of creativity, personal leadership, productivity and personal development, I have gained a reputation for delivering value.

Order Up Your Impact now

What’s it worth to you?

I believe you CAN make a difference in your world – and I look forward to helping you to bring your best gifts to the world through a value-added, creative approach to your work!

What’s that worth to you? Let’s look at a simple example:

Return on Investment - Up Your Impact

You can plug in your own numbers. I’ve purposely kept the percentage improvement low, so you can see how this works. Your actual results may be even higher!

The point is that your modest investment in Up Your Impact will pay for itself many times over!

110% guarantee - Up Your ImpactView the materials – risk free!

If for any reason you decide that this e-book package doesn’t meet your needs within the first 90 days after purchasing it, you can request a 110% refund – that’s right, all of your money back, plus a little extra!

I’m so confident that you WILL profit from this book that I’m willing to make this extraordinary offer.

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